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MCI Celebrates Hawkeye Stages’ 70th Anniversary with New Coach Delivery


Motor Coach Industries (MCI), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. and a leader in North America’s motor coach industry, proudly announced the delivery of two new coaches to Hawkeye Stages. This delivery, featuring an MCI J4500 and an MCI J3500, completed an eight-coach order and coincided with Hawkeye Stages’ 70th anniversary celebration.

Over the past two years, Hawkeye Stages, an Iowa-based operator, acquired six 45-foot J4500 and two 35-foot J3500 coaches. These MCI clean-diesel vehicles have custom interiors and luxurious amenities, including plush seating, an enhanced REI® sound system, a rear window for natural light, and the advanced Bendix® Wingman® Fusion™ safety suite. These additions align with Hawkeye’s strategy to maintain a young, high-quality fleet.

“The new models have brought the age of our 19-coach fleet to the youngest we’ve ever had, allowing us to maintain a quality brand standard,” said Steve Tjossem, third-generation co-owner of Hawkeye Stages. He emphasized these new coaches’ competitive edge, enhancing the company’s brand and service quality.

Founded in 1954 by Tjossem’s father, grandfather, and uncle, Hawkeye Stages has evolved from line-run services to charters and tours, expanding through strategic diversification and proactive customer service. In 2006, they launched Legacy Tour & Travel, later merging it with Legacy Student Travel to form Legacy Travel Group, which now plays a crucial role in their business.

Hawkeye Stages has maintained long-standing relationships with institutions like Luther College and Wartburg College. With garages in Decorah, Newton, and Waterloo, Iowa, they serve customers throughout Iowa and neighboring states, offering travel options across the U.S. and beyond.

The partnership between Hawkeye Stages and MCI dates back to 1982, with a brief hiatus before their recent renewed collaboration. “It feels right to resume and strengthen our partnership with MCI,” Tjossem noted, praising MCI’s post-sales support and emphasizing the importance of strong relationships.

Brent Maitland, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MCI, expressed satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “We are happy that Hawkeye chose MCI for their new coach purchase. We will continue to earn their confidence by providing consistently high-level service and support.”

Looking to the future, Tjossem is preparing the fourth generation of leadership, involving his children Kirsten and Tanner in the business. Tjossem aims to ensure Hawkeye Stages remains a robust family business by fostering a healthy work-life balance and maintaining a skilled workforce.

Information provided by Motor Coach Industries.

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