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It’s International Women’s Month! Meet Women in Buses Council Member Patrice Moore from Bridgestone


It's International Women's Month! Meet Women in Buses Council Member Patrice Moore from Bridgestone

Name: Patrice Moore
Company: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
City, State: Nashville
Years in the Industry: 12

How did you first get involved in the industry? 

Through a temp agency. I was thinking about changing career from the printing industry and did not know what that looked. So I took three months off and when I returned to the workforce I went through a temp agency and Bridgestone was my first assignment.

Who has inspired your career? 

My mom, I watched her worked ethic and copied it. Going to work on time and completing all tasks at hand.

What has been the greatest challenge/opportunity in your career? 

Being the only African American/black, woman, or both on my team. Getting the respect I deserved. Speaking out without being labeled.

What advice would you give to others about working in this industry? 

Don’t give up, you can do it.

Why is it important for you to belong to Women in Buses Council? 

The connections you make are lifelong. The strength that these women has is contagious. You feel you can do anything with the level of support that is given. Also, the willingness to give back to others, is what I lived to do.

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