Driving Force: Roadmap for Recruiting


Driving Force: Roadmap for Recruiting

There are several tools to help your recruiting efforts, but for long-term success it is important that you have a plan that you can use consistently. Consider it your Roadmap for Recruiting.

Your Roadmap should summarize the key steps you will take in your recruiting and retention efforts. We encourage you to use the roadmap below as a guide when developing your own company recruitment plan. Please refer to the Driving Force page for details on the steps outlined in the roadmap.

Key Steps in the Roadmap

It is important that your company culture shines during this process. You will need to emphasize the elements that make your company attractive to drivers. While there are common elements, each company must differentiate itself. To bring new talent into our industry, we need to showcase to who never contemplated driving as a career why they want to join the industry. Earlier we released Conveying the Job of Being a Professional Driver. We encourage you to refer to this tool and the recruitment video we released as a way to show potential drivers why they should drive and, more specifically, work for you.

Before You Head Down the Recruiting Path, Prepare to Share Your Company Culture

  • Develop and showcase your company values. This is your elevator pitch.
  • Show employees you care by treating them fairly and with respect.
  • Maintain a safe work environment.
  • Maintain a positive perception of the company in the community.

What Can I Do with the Roadmap?

  • Begin to create your process for recruiting.
  • Share with employees and discuss the critical elements.
  • Use as part of your orientation and onboarding process (coming soon!).
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