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Driving Force: Recruiting Tip #1: Conveying the Joy of Being a Professional Driver


Driving Force: Recruiting Tip #1: Conveying the Joy of Being a Professional Driver

Recruiting Tip #1: Conveying the Joy of being a Professional Driver

As part of driver recruiting, conveying the opportunity to be a professional driver along with the benefits of being a part of your team is key to attracting the right candidates. Inspiring quotes and photos of your current drivers can help create the emotional connection needed to turn a candidate into a team member.  

The Driving Force’s Tips for Using Driver Quotes

  • Ask your driver to focus on what the LOVE about driving which in our recent driver feedback will vary by vehicle type and include:
    • School bus: Flexibility, Take kids to work
    • Motorcoach: Meet new amazing people and see new places.
  • Describe your best day behind the wheel
  • What they love about working for your company

Professional Photos a must!

  • Utilize actual driver photos with their quotes
  • Utilize your company’s vehicles
  • Consider an exciting location for the backdrop
  • Consider a driver positively interacting with travelers

We Asked Drivers Their Top Reasons Why They Drive

  • Flexibility
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Explore And Visit New Places
  • Meet Great People
  • The View From Your Mobile office
  • Driving Is A New Adventure Every Day
  • Service To Others

BONUS Best Practice Tip:

Use driver quotes in your retention strategy too! Consider prominently displaying them in your dispatch area, throughout your offices, and across all your digital channels. You can communicate to your drivers that they are key stakeholders in the success of your company by proudly displaying their photos and quotes.


Click here to access Driving Force's driver quotes examples.


Click here for printable tipsheet.


Visit the Driving Force webpage for more tips and information on recruiting and retaining your drivers.

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