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CERTS UPDATE: Preview Draft CERTS Grant Application


Today the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Administration’s regulatory overseer, posted a DRAFT of the CERTS grant application – click here. The draft application is currently before OMB awaiting final approval, and the Agency is scheduled to publish a notice about it early next week.

Although this draft is NOT YET officially approved and could be modified to some degree, it does provide insight into what the final approved application will look like when the CERTS grant portal is opened.

As ABA announced earlier this week, the Treasury Department is targeting next week for opening the application portal.

For further background and information related to the CERTS grant program click here or visit the Treasury's CERTS Act web page.

Click here – for Treasury Department’s CERTS Guidance

Click here – for list of documents to consider, in preparation of submitting an application

Click here – to register with

ABA continues to work with the Treasury Department, Capitol Hill and operators to ensure the opening of the CERTS grant funding program proceeds expeditiously, along with our continuing efforts to obtain additional funding for the program.

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