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ABA Announces Plans for 2021 Marketplace


ABA Announces Plans for 2021 Marketplace

We have news to share about ABA's 2021 Marketplace.


As you know, we are unable to have an in-person Marketplace in Baltimore in 2021 because the Baltimore Convention Center is being used as a medical facility through June. In response to that news, ABA looked at other options for an in-person Marketplace at another location or having a virtual Marketplace.


Last week, we asked for your input on how you would like to experience Marketplace this year.


While a number of respondents said they would love to see a live Marketplace, a majority said that a June meeting may be too soon to meet live, as vaccine rollout has been irregular at best. Medical experts are stating that mass vaccination won’t happen until the summer. An overwhelming majority of ABA members said they would prefer to participate in a virtual, as opposed to an in-person, Marketplace. For some the decision centered around safety and the uncertainty of when they might receive the vaccine, for others it centered around limited resources.


Because ABA listens to our members, and your health and safety is our number one priority, we have chosen to follow your preference and hold a virtual Marketplace in 2021.


We care about your recovery and realize you are still interested in the expanded business opportunities that you receive from participating in Marketplace.


I can assure you that is the priority for a virtual Marketplace, making certain your experience has a significant Return on Investment just as you would in person. We will deliver the same great business building, education, and networking opportunities that you have come to expect from ABA’s Marketplace.


We look forward to delivering you the best meeting you will “attend” all year! Stay tuned for more information and exciting details about how ABA's OnDemand Marketplace will help your recovery.


Wishing you and your family good health,




Peter Pantuso, CTIS
President & CEO
American Bus Association

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