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Treasury Updates CERTS Grant FAQs & Guidance


Check New Guidance Documents for Additional Details


As the CERTS grant process proceeds, Treasury continues to issue updates to its online guidance materials and FAQs. Keeping in mind that there are continuing compliance requirements associated with receiving a grant award, ABA urges grant applicants and those who have received grant awards to continue to monitor the CERTS website for updates.


In its most recent update of guidance materials, Treasury has provided answers to a number of new questions regarding the spending of grant funds, now that they have started to distribute grant awards. In this series of FAQs, Treasury addresses 10 new subject areas, and grant applicants and grant recipients should review these questions carefully.


Click here to access the FAQs.


Additionally, Treasury elected to expand on one of the subject areas addressed in the new FAQs by creating a separate “guidance” document or clarification – this new guidance relates to rehiring and recalling employees. Again, grant applicants and grant recipients should pay close attention to this guidance, as it relates to grant compliance requirements and can be time-sensitive for grant recipients depending on the timing of grant execution.


Briefly, the guidance addresses the CERTS statutory requirement that grant recipients, as a condition of receiving CERTS assistance, must recall or rehire any employees laid off, furloughed, or terminated after March 27, 2020, to the extent warranted by increased service levels. This requirement goes into effect or applies after the date that is 30 days after the receipt of funds.


Click here to review the guidance.


As many motorcoach companies are now grant recipients, and others may soon become recipients as Treasury continues to announce awards on a rolling basis, it is important to note the 30-day mark triggering the rehire/recall requirement


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