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Meet African American Motorcoach Council Member Lezlie Harper


Meet African American Motorcoach Council Member Lezlie Harper

Name: Lezlie Harper
Years in the Industry: 19 YEARS

How did you first get involved in the industry?
My first job at 15 was as a busgirl in a summer tourist restaurant. Loved it!

Who has inspired your career?
My career in tourism was first inspired by my first boss in tourism then I was inspired those I met along the way and the jobs I had in tourism. The overall experience of being tourism is what always had me returning the profession over the years.

What has been the greatest challenge|opportunity in your career?
My greatest challenge since opening my Black history tour business was getting people to want to come on the tour from all walks of life. It’s been tough although a bit easier now to get people to appreciate the wonderful stories include in this history. After all, out of the darkness comes light. And Blacks throughout history certainly have shown how they can rise out of the darkness into the light!

What advice would you give to others about working in this industry?
If you ever want to have your own tourism business, just realize as much as you like the business there is so much more due diligence that is required in doing this work. Also, it can be 24/7 so establish that balance early on in your business.

Why is it important for you to belong to the African American Motorcoach Council?
Being in Canada without a strong tourism support system, I love being with this group. It is wonderful to listen and to share experiences within our industry. I thank ABA for putting this council together. It also has allowed me to reconnect with some I hadn’t seen in years!

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