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Dear Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness Rally Participants,


We look forward to welcoming you all tomorrow to DC! This is going to be a grand showing of our industry’s strength and unity in these troubled times. To ensure that we put our best foot forward and don’t incur any political or press repercussions, there are a few rules to remember as we take our case to Capitol Hill tomorrow.


1. Everyone should have received which one of the staging areas they are supposed to go to: Woodbridge lot, Audi Field or Union Station. DO NOT go to any lot that is not your designated lot. All the routes and staging areas have been worked out to accommodate the number of participants in a safe and lawful manner. If anyone other than a DC Trails representative who is working the staging lots tells you to go to a different staging area, do not go there.


2. Remember the code of conduct. Do not block traffic. Do not blow your horns. Make sure everyone is wearing a mask. Do not leave your buses.


3. Once buses start to move and enter the route you are not allowed to stop at any time until you have left DC. This is a rolling rally. No one is to stop. If you stop, the Capitol or DC police will pull you out of the parade and make you leave the city.


We are garnering a lot of good, positive press for our industry and this rally. We are almost at the finish line. Let’s finish strong and leave our message with Congress.


If you are hearing any conflicting messages from others, please disregard as they are not representative of the group or the plans that have been made to date!


We wish you all safe travels tomorrow and on your way home.


We are proud to be a part of this industry and have you as members of our Associations.



Peter Pantuso (ABA) and Larry Killingsworth (UMA)

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