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From One Bus to 1,200: DATTCO’s Century of Evolution and Commitment


In 2024, DATTCO, a venerable leader in transportation solutions, proudly celebrates a century of service, innovation, and community impact. Founded in 1924 as a local transit and charter bus service, DATTCO has grown into a comprehensive transportation provider, offering vehicle sales and service, fleet management, and nationwide charter services and tours. Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut has declared June 18th, 2024, as “DATTCO Day,” honoring the company’s deep-rooted commitment to the state and its communities.

DATTCO’s journey began humbly with a single bus. It has since expanded significantly, notably in its school bus division, which now operates over 1,200 buses across New England, ensuring the safe transportation of over 145,000 students daily. This growth reflects the company’s operational expansion and its enduring impact on local communities and the lives it touches.

Reflecting on this milestone, Don DeVivo, DATTCO’s President and second-generation owner, spoke proudly of his father’s legacy and the company’s commitment to its mission and values: “My Dad would have been proud of us reaching this milestone. We honor his legacy by supporting our employees, customers, and communities.”

Kyle DeVivo, the Chief Operating Officer and third-generation owner highlighted DATTCO’s focus on innovation and adaptability, essential traits that have kept the company at the forefront of the industry. “As a company, we’ve always aimed to be forward-thinking and investing in future technology and state-of-the-art innovations. Adaptability has been a cornerstone of what makes DATTCO successful.”

Kevin DeVivo, General Manager for the Bus Sales Division and third-generation owner, underscored the importance of people and community in DATTCO’s ethos. “We put employees and customers first and focus on helping to improve the lives of the people and communities we serve.” He emphasized their customer-centric approach and role in enhancing the quality of life in their operations.

Looking forward, DATTCO remains steadfast in its commitment to innovation and sustainability. They are pioneers in driving the shift towards electric vehicles, reducing emissions, and promoting a cleaner transportation future. Their core values—excellence, integrity, empathy, creativity, and community—will continue to guide them as they embark on their next century of service.

As DATTCO celebrates its centennial, it commemorates a rich history and looks forward enthusiastically and determinedly. Their dedication to providing top-notch transportation solutions and their impact on local communities make DATTCO a cornerstone of Connecticut’s business landscape.

Join ABA as we celebrate a century of DATTCO excellence and innovation in transportation. Here’s to another hundred years of DATTCO shaping the future of mobility!

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