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Driving Force: Top Hiring Tips from Operators


Driving Force: Top Hiring Tips from Operators

  1. If you have online applications for your open positions, make sure that your website is optimized for smartphone and tablet viewing. Young people generally only use their smartphones, so it needs to be phone friendly
  2. If possible, make the online application as simple as you can. Do not require everything you would ask at an in-person interview. If you can get it at a later date, do that. Use the online applications to get them in the door and vet them once you have an opportunity to speak to them.
  3. It is good practice to follow up with a phone call immediately after you get an online application. Make sure someone is monitoring that system or email and make it a priority to respond and set up an interview time or answer questions ASAP.
  4. USE SOCIAL MEDIA! If you or your current HR rep is not social media savvy, either hire someone who is or leverage your current younger employees for help. Let them take the reins and get people interested in your company on social media.
  5. Pay attention to how you list your positions in job listing. Some online search engines are looking for very specific terms, so if you have “Operator”, you may miss out on “driver”, “Chauffeur”, “Captain” etc.
  6. When you pay to use some of the online job sites, do your research so you get the best ROI for your money. Ask for free training, webinars, etc. Figure out how to maximize your presence on their site.
  7. Improve training for younger drivers and retention bonuses. Don’t just throw them in a bus and say go!

For more information, visit the Driving Force page on and be sure to check out the Toolkit for Recruitment & Retention.

Headed to Marketplace? Don’t miss the Driving Force session on Saturday, Jan. 8 at 1 p.m.

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