Driving Force Toolkit: Creating a Company Culture


Driving Force Toolkit: Creating a Company Culture

Company culture is one of the best ways to improve your driver talent pool and retain your existing drivers. Hiring brings in new drivers, but retention is a long-term investment. Retaining is also a much more cost-effective approach as you avoid the expense of advertising and training, etc.

What is Company Culture

According to Indeed:  

Business culture refers to the set of behavioral and procedural norms that can be observed within a company — which includes its policies, procedures, ethics, values, employee behaviors and attitudes, goals and code of conduct. It also makes up the “personality” of a company and defines the work environment (e.g., professional, casual, fast-paced).

Other elements that make up company culture include management style, expectations, company goals, local and national government policies, benefits/perks, opportunities to advance, the way employees feel about the work they do and disciplinary action methods your business uses.

An Indeed survey found that 72 percent of job seekers say it is extremely or very important to see details about company culture in job descriptions.

Key steps to Create Company Culture

  • Understand what makes your company unique
  • Incorporate areas that will attract and retain talent
  • Link the message and values into your elevator pitch
  • Driven by owners / execs. They should be engaged and in front of drivers
  • Reinforced constantly – Print, training, communication
  • Part of recruiting, retention and critical to onboarding
  • Create a document that includes your values and be prepared to share it and reinforce it


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