Driving Force Tip: Target New Segments – Military


Driving Force Tip: Target New Segments – Military

The Driving Force partnered with H&L Charter and held its first Military Recruitment event on May 12 with Camp Pendleton. We were given the opportunity to present to those transitioning out of the military the benefits of choosing to drive as a career choice. We showcased a driver from H&L Charter and spoke about work that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has done to make obtaining a CDL easier for those with military experience.

You can host your own military recruitment event by contacting your local military base or reserve unit, or any number of local veterans, government or private sector career counselors. The Driving Force is sharing the presentation we created so that operators can use it as a template.

For more information on how to conduct your own military hiring event, contact Erin Ducharme educharme@bloombus.com

Why Target This Group

Many transitioning service men and women know their plans up to two years ahead of their separation date, thus making early, proactive recruiting possible, many transitioning military members would ideally like to know and start their new career immediately after separation/retirement. Surveys show 25 percent secure a new career/job before leaving the military and another 50 percent immediately after separation. Another military segment to consider is reserve units. Reservists who just drill one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer are also looking for other full-time jobs.

  • Transitioning military may have served two to 40 years or anywhere in between. 
  • The average age of an enlistee is just under 21. And although retirees are generally in the 40-50 age range, the average enlistee age and possibility they served only one tour presents a younger demographic that you need to be aware of. 
  • Approximately 70 percent of transitioning military will move to another state versus stay in their final duty station area.

How to Target This Group

To approach this transitioning/veteran group consider the following in your outreach:

  • Utilize military-related social media in your recruiting. 
  • Feature such opportunities as working with the latest GPS technology, driver apps, and other tech in your job descriptions. Focus on how working for you can build up the service members’ resume by learning and working with new technology.
  • Highlight the flexibility of this career and the hours which can allow for other work, school, etc.
  • Share that you are aware the service member may transition back to another state than where your business is, highlight that the industry / the American Bus Association have similar companies and jobs available in all 50 states.

Some Military Related Assets you could utilize in developing a targeted recruiting program for your business:

You can search each branch’s content for transitioning military, veterans and reservists to see what job and career programs you could fit into:

Don’t forget those counseling our military on new careers are important to your recruiting efforts. Some examples are included below, but just google such phrases as “veteran job counselors” or “military to civilian job recruiting” near you and you’ll have no shortage of organizations to network with!

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