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Spring is in full swing, and the Driving Force wants to remind you of the importance of retaining your employees.  We challenge you to look beyond basic benefits and pay when thinking about how you retain your drivers and think about their psychological, physical and emotional needs.  As an employer, think about how you show your appreciation and what you can do to enhance that.

Opportunities for retention come in many different forms.  Here are a few questions to think about when creating a path to retention.

How do you make your drivers feel special?  Do you look for unique ways to make your employee feel special?Small gestures frequently go farther than one grand gesture.  

Do you respect your employees?  What does that mean to you?

Does your company culture foster an environment that practices inclusivity?

Are your employees treated by management in a manner that you would be proud of?

During times of stress, such as a breakdown, do you provide support to your drivers in a calm manner?

How is your work environment? Do you provide a safe and secure area for drivers to park and an area inside the building?

What resources do you provide to them? Is there proper training in place so that a driver is given the tools needed for success?

Do you inform them of the benefits that come with your ABA membership, such as an opportunity to win an ABA Foundation Scholarship for their or their dependent’s continuing education?

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