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​Driver Training Resources for You and Your Drivers


Driving Force: ​Driver Training Resources for You and Your Drivers

As we continue to recover, it is important to keep up with your driver training. There are several options available online that help keep down costs and allow less manpower for your business.

ABA and Prevost Offer Entry Level Driving Courses

The ABA Driver Training program offers a variety of courses developed by safety experts from the leading manufacturer and motorcoach companies in our industry. These safety leaders, along with the Alliance Safety Council (an approved TPR by the FMCSA) created the ABA Education Curriculum Committee to develop the “Theory Training” portion in accordance with the Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) regulations from the FMCSA. By completing these courses, your new driver will have the knowledge and theory requirements to take his/her Class B CDL test.

ABA’s Driver Training courses eliminate the need to develop, schedule and administer onsite orientation for your company. Students can access ABA’s courses from any computer with internet access, take courses, and arrive at your facility ready for their driving test.

  • Module 1: Class B Vehicle Basic Operation
  • Module 2: Advanced Operating Practices
  • Module 3: Pre- and Post-Trip Inspection
  • Module 4: Non-Vehicle Activities
  • Module 5: Passenger Endorsement

PAX Training

  • Includes driver training management tools, reports and bulk course assignment to easily manage driver teams of any size.
  • Access to PAX Library of Training Courses covering safety, customer service and best practices.
  • Uses self-paced video, audio and text-based training to appeal to multiple learning styles.
  • Includes testing in each course and keeps track of time spent, number of attempts as well as final score.
  • Automatically assigns Ongoing Training to ensure drivers stay sharp & avoid forming bad habits.
  • Allows uploading your own training material to use alongside existing PAX Courses.

The MCI Academy Offers a LMS System

The MCI Academy is an ASE accredited training provider that offers training through the Learning Management System (LMS) for both drivers and technicians and is available a no cost.

The FMCSA Motorcoach Operator curriculum is available in the LMS and an EDLT Classroom Theory program will be available in July.

The recent Motorcoach Operator Certificate program consists of four certificates, the last being a Master Motorcoach Operator with the programs listed below.

  • Motorcoach Operator 3 Certificate focuses basic training and theory.
  • Motorcoach Operator 2 Certificate focuses on improving driving skills.
  • Motorcoach Operator 1 Certificate focuses on the advanced safety systems.
  • Master Motorcoach Operator Certificate focuses on the various systems of the coach so an Operator will better understand the coach they are driving.

Miles Ahead Driver Training Offers

  • Online Dashboard to Track Staff Progress
  • Video Example of Best Practices
  • Knowledge Checks to Promote Retention
  • Online Tests to Assess Comprehension
  • Ongoing Education to Encourage Staff Growth

Visit the Driving Force page for all the tools, tips and webinars. Have a question or comment? Email drivingforce@buses.org.

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