Driving Force: Driver Recruitment Video


Driving Force: Driver Recruitment Video

While a picture may say a thousand words, hearing and seeing people tell their story is so much better! To help give potential employees an idea of what it truly means to people to be a driver, we have created a video that shares many real-life drivers' stories about their “why” they are in the industry. This video features outstanding driver testimonials from those who have demonstrated excellence in their profession.



What Can I Do with this Video?

  • Download it from the toolkit
  • Add a link to your website’s recruiting or job section
  • Show the video as part of driver orientation or recruiting events
  • Share or embed in any online posting and include your company overview            
  • Work with your local employment areas or places you recruit and ask them to share through their media channels.
  • Add to social media posting for driver recruitment

Remember, to bring new talent into our industry we want to show those not contemplating driving to become interested.


When Utilizing This Video We Suggest the Following “Call to Action”

For more information on becoming a professional driver, contact company XYZ at XXX.XXX.XXXX or email.
For more professional driving resources please visit www.buses.org.


Some Suggested Target Segments to Showcase, Share or Forward.

  • State or local employment agencies
  • Career tech centers
  • State associations
  • Truck Driving Schools
  • Military Reserve Centers
  • First Responders, Firefighters, Police, Etc.


Pro tip: Use this video as a template and create your own unique to your company. Show off why it is so great to work there with testimonials from your drivers.

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