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Best Hiring Practices Shared


The Driving Force hosted a Best Hiring Practices Webinar featuring Greg Hendricks from Salt Lake Express and Patrick Slater from DATTCO, Inc.

Here are the Top Tips from Patrick & Greg:

  • Metrics: Test, Measure, Improve, Repeat. Change Something Small and Track that Change, then once you know it works, implement broadly
  • Top Data Driven Recommendation: Post jobs where the candidates are. The method that drivers use to find a job is changing and you need to change too. Most of these are online job listings, such as www.Indeed.com, Don’t spend money on print ads many of the above have free versions.
  • Top Data Driven Recommendation: Conduct face-to-face interviews. More interviews equates to more drivers
  • Top Data Driven Recommendation: Using some ATS (applicant tracking system) is critical to your success and being able to learn what works and what doesn’t.
  • Refresh Your Job Listing. Think like a candidate and highlight the positives. Your job posting is an advertising for your company, and you are marketing and selling the position.
  • Post the Same Job Multiple Times. Use different titles that may appeal to different potential candidates, such as “Coach Driver” “Coach Bus Operator”. Take down the job posting and repost every 28 days.
  • Act Quickly, Time is of the Essence. Call or text a potential candidate within 24 hours. Do not rely on email.
  • Know Your Elevator Pitch. Be ready to sell your company to the potential employee.
  • Make Sure the Hiring Manager/Recruiter has the Right Personality. You want someone who can engage in conversation with the driver.
  • Don’t Rule Out Candidates for reasons like too long of a drive. Let them decide what is right for themselves.

Missed the webinar or want to share with a colleague? Listen now and download the presentation.

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