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Every year, the American Bus Association Foundation, supported by the United Motorcoach Association and Motor Coach Canada, conducts a vital census of the motorcoach industry. Participation in this survey is crucial as it provides essential data highlighting the economic significance and safety standards upheld within our industry.

The insights gathered from this survey demonstrate how millions of Americans travel safely and efficiently and underscore the motorcoach sector’s role in supporting various industries and communities across the United States and Canada. This data is instrumental in informing policymakers, regulators, government officials, the media, and the public about our industry’s critical contributions.

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American Bus Association Announces Inaugural NELC Disruptive Innovation Award


The American Bus Association (ABA) proudly announces the new Next Era Leadership Council (NELC ) Disruptive Innovation Award, an annual accolade designed to recognize groundbreaking advancements and transformative initiatives within the motorcoach, tour, and travel industry. This award, sponsored by ABC Companies, aims to highlight and celebrate individuals and organizations driving innovative change and setting new standards for excellence in the industry.

The Next Era Leadership Council aims to support multigenerational business operations while preserving the history of the motorcoach industry. This includes focusing on the industry’s long-term future and sustainability and long-range planning for its future.

The Disruptive Innovation Award is set to become a hallmark of ingenuity and forward-thinking. It will encourage industry professionals to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what is possible in the motorcoach, travel, and tourism sectors. The award will be presented annually to an individual working within a multigenerational (or similar) organization who demonstrates exceptional creativity and effectiveness in implementing disruptive technologies, strategies, or processes that significantly enhance customer experience, operational efficiency, and industry sustainability.

Consideration for the Disruptive Innovation Award includes:

– Innovative Impact: The extent to which the innovation disrupts traditional practices and significantly impacts the industry.

– Sustainability: The degree to which innovation promotes sustainable practices and contributes to the industry’s and the environment’s long-term health.

– Scalability: The potential for the innovation to be adopted widely across the industry, enhancing its overall effectiveness and reach.

– Customer Experience: The improvement in customer satisfaction and experience is due to innovation.

“We are thrilled to introduce the NELC Disruptive Innovation Award as a platform to recognize and celebrate the visionaries who are redefining our industry,” said Peter Pantuso, President & CEO of the American Bus Association. “The award recipient will exemplify the spirit of innovation essential for the continued growth and evolution of the motorcoach, tour, and travel industry.”

The inaugural award will be presented at ABA Marketplace, the premier event bringing together the industries’ best and brightest. Nominations for the NELC Disruptive Innovation Award are now open through October 1, 2024, and the Association encourages all members to participate by nominating those who fit the award’s criteria.

Please visit the ABA website for more information about the NELC Disruptive Innovation Award, including nomination guidelines and submission deadlines.

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