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ABA’s Elizabeth Hall Featured in Groups Today


Elizabeth Hall, COO of John Hall’s Alaska and a member of the ABA Board of Directors, offers insights into her upbringing in the motorcoach industry in the May issue of Groups Today. In it, she emphasizes her deep-rooted family connections and passion for travel. Growing up surrounded by buses and tour groups, Hall’s journey led her to pursue degrees in business administration before assuming leadership roles within her family’s business. She spearheaded its expansion into various sectors, including lodge operations and motorcoach charter services.

Hall, who also chairs ABA’s Next Era Leadership Council, reflects on industry evolution, noting technological shifts, workforce dynamics, and increased political involvement. Despite challenges, she remains dedicated to fostering positive travel experiences and advocating for industry interests. Her commitment to excellence earned her the 2024 TODAY! Award at ABA Marketplace, recognizing her impactful contributions to group travel.

Beyond her professional achievements, Hall maintains a fun-loving demeanor, balancing her high-energy business persona with moments of simplicity and camaraderie. Her multifaceted approach to life and work underscores her unwavering dedication to the motorcoach industry and her desire to share the world with others.

Read the full article at Groups Today.

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