A Few Insights from Public Health Expert Dr. Jeffrey Liva on COVID-19


Recently Dr. Jeffrey Liva. Liva, (who in addition to being a credentialed Public Health expert is also a Certified FMCSA Medical Examiner) spoke about COVID-19 and how his company, eHealth Engagement, LLC., is working to help transportation businesses deal with the pandemic.

Regarding the COVID-19 National Vaccination Program:

“Although many government officials like the idea of using pharmacies to increase the number of people able to get vaccinated daily, getting the COVID-19 vaccine into people’s arms will be challenging. For example, each pharmaceutical vaccination location will require that a qualified medical health professional with Advanced Cardiac Life Support training be immediately available and equipped to handle adverse events with a modified crash cart and the appropriate medications, should an adverse reaction occur with the vaccine injection.”

When asked about when normal might return:

“While the pace of vaccination has steadily improved, the US is still many months to years away from vaccinating enough people to end the pandemic. During this uncertain time, employers need to protect their employees and ensure their workforce is healthy.”

What should businesses be doing to mitigate the risk brought on by the pandemic:

“At the outset of the pandemic, we immediately set out to develop a secure COVID-19 Health service on top of our existing proprietary Medical Health Accountability platform. The program is designed to detect high-risk individuals before they enter the workplace and is backed by qualified medical professionals.”

Dr. Liva also stated:

“By utilizing our model, you keep your healthy people on the job and prevent possible COVID-19 exposed employees from entering the work locations. This service provides our customers with confidence that they have taken viable mitigation measures to address both the health and legal risks brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

eHealth Engagement, LLC’S COVID-19 program was recently approved by the NY State Department of Health as being compliant with current state regulations:

“Our organization is a first of its kind Medical Health Auditing and Accountability firm whose unparalleled cloud based medical technology empowers customers to provide medical health auditing, oversight, and other specialty programs. We ensure that customer workforces are living and working at their optimal health capacity by holding each employee and their respective treating physicians accountable for: good health practices, accurate medical diagnosing, and viable treatment planning with step by step follow-up and treatment tracking. When used in combination, the eHealth Engagement, LLC. medical health solution improves workforce health which leads to increased top line revenue and reduces bottom line corporate medical health expenses.”

In addition to COVID-19 services, eHealth Engagement, LLC. provides a comprehensive Commercial Driver Medical Certification program and Health Accountability programs all tailored to fit your company’s needs.


For more information on Dr. Liva or eHealth Engagement, LLC., visit www.ehealthengagement.com

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